Frequently Asked Welding Questions

Q.) How much does it cost to get a hitch installed on my vehicle?
A.) Since every hitch is vehicle specific, one of our knowledgeable service writers at Bestrux Road Service Will speak with you personally to help determine which type of hitch is right for your needs.
Before a quote can be given, the service writer will need to know your vehicle make/model/year and what exactly you plan on towing (i.e. horse trailer, Jet Ski, boat etc.).

Q.) How do I know what type of hitch I need?
A.) After our experienced service writers have acquired your vehicle information, they will need to know what you plan on towing, your trailer size and type. With the proper vehicle and trailer information, the service writers can then recommend the best towing system for your needs. Bestrux Road Service offers a wide variety of hitches, tow bars and supplemental braking systems for anyone looking to pull a vehicle behind their RV.

Q.) Our family is getting ready to leave on a camping trip. What should I have checked out on my Trailer before I tow it?
A.) Bestrux Road Service, is here to perform ALL your trailer repair and maintenance. Before your road trip, the professionals at Bestrux Road Service recommend you bring in your trailer to have the brakes inspected and adjusted, lights and wiring checked, tire wear inspected and the bearings packed. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to towing! Always have your trailer checked out before hitting the road.

Q.) What type of welding do you do?
A.) Bestrux Road Service can weld aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron and (some) cast aluminum.

Q.) The metal leg on my coffee table broke. Can you weld small jobs like that?
A.) Yes, Bestrux Road Service Welding has been in the business of repairing both small and large jobs for 30 years now! If it can be done, WE can do it. Small jobs such as tables, chairs, motorcycle parts, lawn ornaments, etc. Can be dropped off and repaired within a few days.

Q.) I have a large project in my backyard that requires some welding but it’s too big to bring into your shop. Can you come to my location to weld?
A.) Yes, Bestrux Road Service Welding has a portable welder and can travel to your home or business for welding Repairs or fabrication. Call to speak with a service writer to set up an appointment.

Q.) I have an idea for a custom truck rack I would like made for my work truck. Can Bestrux Road Service & Truck Repair, fabricate a custom rack that I designed?
A.) Bestrux Road Service, specializes in custom projects. Yes, a service writer will work with you to design exactly what you need for your truck. Feel free to bring in your sketches, ideas and dimensions and the professionals at Bestrux Road Service, will help bring your fabrication ideas to life!

Q.) I already have a hitch but I need a pin for it. Do you have these types of accessories in stock?
A.) At Bestrux Road Service, we have a full retail store for customers to conveniently see and shop for the products they need. If a specific item is not in stock, it can be ordered immediately.Bestrux Road Service is an official distributor and installer for companies such as Road master, Curt, Pull Rite, Blue Ox and Gale Banks Engineering. Many of these brand name products are on display in the showroom for customers to view. We STOCK it…SELL it…INSTALL it…SERVICE it…and REPAIR it!

Q.)Do I have to use the manufacturer’s original equipment parts to keep my warranty valid?
A.)Legally, automakers cannot specify which parts are used to complete your vehicle’s service. You may use any brand-name quality parts such as CARQUEST Auto Parts to replace fan belts, hoses, brakes, exhaust or chassis parts and more.

Q.)Why should I choose you, and not your competitor?
A.)Because we are a mobile service; we will come to your location instead of making you come to ours. Our mobility will allow you to save both time and money.
On average a customer would have to waste at least an hour of their time, and would need at least two people in order to deliver a vehicle to, or retrieve the vehicle from a regular repair shop. Additionally, other mobile services charge a service call fee of at least $130 to $150 per hour, which we waive for our long term clients.

Q.)What types of on-site services do you provide?
A.)Full range of service, starting from oil change- and up to small repairs, body, welding, engine, suspension etc.
Preventive Maintenance
BIT Inspection
Specializing in Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers

Q.)What is inside your mobile unit?
A.)13.6 horse power compressor, which allows us to operate our air tools and perform any range of work.
3 reservoirs:
50 gallons for engine oil
50 gallons transmission oil
100 gallons for waste oil
50 gallons of diesel fuel
Oil suction pump
Engine hoist, Hydraulic Jack etc.
Unlimited tools
Generator, Welding & Cutting Equipment

Q.)What experience and certifications do you hold?
A.)All mechanics have a minimum of 15 years’ experience on diesel trucks and heavy duty equipment
California Brake License
Engine Repair Certificates
Transmission Repair Certificates
Injection Pump Repair Certificates

Q.)How much do you charge per hour?
A.)$120 per hour, negotiable for long term customers

It is not unusual for us to receive a wide range of requests when customers stop at our facility–from creating something new, or providing a unique repair or alteration to existing equipment. We can perform custom welding on specialty items, one-of-a-kind prototypes, or even custom production work.
Custom welding projects could be residential, commercial, and industrial in nature, and include any of the following types of examples: Stairways/railings (both exterior railings and interior railings), platforms, catwalks, mezzanines, hand rails, safety railings, custom gates, drain gates, continuous fencing, grates, tables, metal platform steps, decks, etc.
Bestrux Road Service ,can also fabricate customized industrial products, such as hoppers, ladders, baskets, boxes, gates, custom carts or tables, mezzanines, industrial frames, lift booms and other skid steer and tractor attachments.