Maintenance Checklist for Truck

Maintenance Checklist for Trucks

Maintenance Checklist for Trucks

Maintenance Checklist for Trucks

simple renovation suggestions for your Truck
routinely trade the Engine Oil and filter. smooth oil lubricates and protects your truck’s engine. …
take a look at Your different Fluid degrees. …
Rotate Your Tires. …

easy the exterior. …
Get Your Truck Inspected.

Scheduled Preventive Truck protection checklist

whether you’re making ready for winter or normal jobs, make sure to check the following:

Engine Oil and clear out adjustments
Transmission Fluid
pressure Shafts or CV Joints
drive Belt, Serpentine Belt, and Hoses
gas gadget
Cooling device
Engine and Transmission Mounts
Wheels and Rims
Exhaust system
electrical device additives
Braking machine
steerage and Suspension device
Undercarriage and frame
Seat Belts and Seat structure
outdoors and interior lighting
frame, Glass, and Mirrors
Windshield Wiper machine
Auxiliary structures

A pre-ride and post-trip inspection should be observed while you’re coping with commercial trucks, and the Motor provider safety management has created its personnel to comply.


Their pre-trip preservation checklist covers:

Tires: The tells us tires account for around one-third of general maintenance prices, so check air stress and tread.
Fluids: look for fluid leakage under your truck, then test coolant, oil, gas, and antifreeze tiers earlier than putting off. You must also turn on the ignition to look at oil strain, temperature, and air pressure gauges.
Electric device and Wiring: check all lighting fixtures, consisting of the caution lights, clearance lighting fixtures, flashers, turn signals, and brake lighting. Overview of your electrical components for whatever is worn or loose.
Brakes: test parking and general breaks for the proper quantity of lining. Test for leaks inside the air stress machine.

Maintenance Checklist for Truck